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Supporting Grassroots racing through the design, development and sales of track side mobile applications and services.

Racing Is A Team Activity

Track Facts
"The App"

The industry's first mobile application for club racers and track day enthusiasts that can replace and/ or enhance your current “set up note book” or homemade spreadsheet. The company’s main product was the brain child of Tim and a long-time racer buddy Shawn (Director of the USMA). 

It is designed to be functional but most of all easy to use.

The Cardinal
"The Car"

How can you have track side fun without a track prepared weapon? Designed and built to be the ultimate “street legal” track day performer. The Cardinal implements state of the art aerodynamics with big horsepower and “Super Lightweight” components.


Track Side Events
"The Fun"

Riata promotes, organizes and produces track day driving events for your family, racer buddy’s or corporate customers. From Go Karts to sports cars, Riata Track Side events are designed to be fun, safe and memorable.


Support the USMA

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.33.20 AM.png

The USMA serves as a unified voice for grassroots racing across the Country.  

Their focus is to provide tools and resources that support all forms of competitive racing.

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